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This resource gallery has been developed to be used for pre visit preparatory work and for post visit reference. You will find a range of primary documents and material here that links to the themes in each unit. By clicking on any image below you can access background information on the source and also find out where it came from and where it is currently held.

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Capt Edward Charles Stafford-King-Harman (d. 1914)



On  1st 4 July 1914 Olive Packenham Mahon married  Capt Edward Charles Stafford-King-Harman of Rockingham, Co Roscommon, elder son of Sir Thomas Stafford and his wife Frances Agnes King-Harman.  Edward Charles, of the Irish Guards,  was killed in action on 6 Nov 1914 at Klein Zillebecke, Ypres, Belgium. His new wife, Olive, was pregnant at the time and gave birth to their daugher Lettice Mary Strafford-King-Harman on 10 April 1915. Olive and lettice left Rockingham and returned to Strokestown, since the Rockingham estate was entail male and could not be left to a female heir. The Rockingham estate passed to Edward's brother Lt.-Col. Sir Cecil William Francis Stafford-King-Harman. 

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