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This resource gallery has been developed to be used for pre visit preparatory work and for post visit reference. You will find a range of primary documents and material here that links to the themes in each unit. By clicking on any image below you can access background information on the source and also find out where it came from and where it is currently held.

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The Marriage of Olive Pakenham-Mahon to Major Stuart Hales, 1921

19 December, 1921


The marriage of Olive Pakenham Mahon to her second husband, Major Wilfred Stuart Atherstone Hales took place on the 19 December 1921. They met when Major Hales' regiment, the East Yorkshire, were stationed at Strokestown during the War of Independence. Major Hales was not as aristocratic as Olive's first husband, Edward Charles Stafford-King-Harman, and  Major Hales changed his name to Hales-Pakenham-Mahon in 1923.  Their marriage appears to have been a long and happy one. He died in January 1980 aged 83, while Olive died one and an half years later, in June 1981 at the age of 87. They are buried in the graveyard at Ballykilcline along with their daughter Denys, who died at the age of 6 in 1933.

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