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This resource gallery has been developed to be used for pre visit preparatory work and for post visit reference. You will find a range of primary documents and material here that links to the themes in each unit. By clicking on any image below you can access background information on the source and also find out where it came from and where it is currently held.

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Denis Mahon to John Ross Mahon, 7 March 1847

National Library of Ireland, Packenham-Mahon Papers
Courtesy of the National Library of Ireland
7 March 1847


A letter in which we learn that John Ross Mahon has threatened to resign due to Major Mahon's unwillingness to push ahead with the full scheme of evictions and emigration. Major Mahon wishes to only proceed legally against a few of the worst tenants, and to offer rent reductions of the kind Lord Clonbrock had offered. With regard to mass evictions he states: 'I would willingly in the present unfortunate state of the people, make any sacrifice rather than put the law in force'. The delay in opening the soup shop is mentioned, as is a government scheme for the provision of 'green crop' seeds. 

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