Available Courses

  • CSI Strokestown is designed to engage students in a number of ways. Given the role of crime scene investigators they are asked to research and reflect upon the motive for the murder of Major Denis Mahon using a number of themes: life on the estate, famine relief, assisted emigration and what happened in the wake of the murder. Combining this internet based research students visit the house to look at the murder weapon and learn more about the life of Major Mahon and his tenants. They can use the fruits of their investigation in a number of creative ways.
  • A Victorian Childhood looks at the kind of childhood experienced by Olive Packenham-Mahon, born in 1894. Students are asked to reflect upon the difference between their own childhood and Olive's by exploring a number of childhood themes. They must then create a piece of writing or a mood board which explores the difference between their childhood and Olive's Victorian experience.

Here you will find support materials for guiding your students use of Strokestown Learning Zone. Each unit available on the site is mirrored here by a course containing useful backup material for you.
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